Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wow! Almost a month since I posted last.

I can't believe how fast September has flown by. Wow! Alot has happened this month. Kids are back in school and are taking Karate and Miki's in Brownies as well. Haven't signed Matt up for anything else yet but give it time. We do need some free time and I don't want to do anything on the weekends. Maybe skating.

At work one of my co-workers died. Not at work! But at home. He had a massive heart attack and collasped in his drive way. What makes it harder is that his wife works with us too. Management was excellent. They were pulling the staff into the training room in groups and telling us. It was a shock though he was older, 71 yrs old but in great health. This was the early part of September and for me it was the first time in 22 years (since I started working) that someone I worked with died. There's been grandparents, spouces and other family members but never someone I worked with. He was a great guy and everyone loved him. So Dick catch a big one up there in Heaven and I hope the boatings good too! Salute!

On the knitting front I am knitting dishcloths up like crazy. I have changed the shamrock pattern abit to make it into a trefoil and can do one in about 1 1/2 hrs. I have 10 orange ones done and 20 more to go. ugh!! Can't wait. Have some other things on the needles but with this cold I don't feel like knitting.

The cold! Think I got it from the kids. Thanks guys! I guess we share everything here (Robert Munch book). lol Called in sick onn Monday, went to work Tuesday and got everything and I mean everything done yesterday that takes two days. I really wanted to go home. Went in this morning and finished off the schedules (that's my job, I am a scheduler writer for HD) gave them to HR to look at and fixed them, got them signed and gave them to the phone centre to put out. And now I am home and heading for bed.

I don't think I'm going in tomorrow (I marked myself out for two days). Thought if I'm sleeping at 5am I am not going to get up and call in sick. They KNOW I'm sick and now that I won't be in. And to top it off my doctors on holidays till the 10th. Guess it will be emerg or the walkin clinic. It hasn't hit bronchitus yet but I have a feeling its going too.

Well off to bed.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Knitted Tea Swap part Deux

I joined Knitters Tea Swap 2. I had a great time with the first one and cannot wait for this one to start. I have been "gathering" some cool things over the summer.

It feels like Christmas!