Sunday, August 21, 2005

Heather's Bridal shower

My aunt had a bridal shower for her so to be dil. It was hot but a very nice time. Heather and Mike got alot of nice gifts. I remember those days! lol Now its like - well I never use that item (but nice to have) and it sits in the cupboard collecting dust and taking up space. The food was awesome and the cake really delicious!

Miki and Olivia had fun and were really good. Lauren has lent me some scrapbooking magazines. I am thinking of taking this hobby up now too. Brian will kill me for that.

We just cleaned up the garage and can now get the car in. All the kids outdoor toys are in a tote and the stuff that WAS suppose to go for a yard sale is in the trash. The kids haven't asked about a few of the toys for quite awhile so no big loss. One of these days the basement will be pegged for a major over haul. It just might be a good idea for the kids to be at the farm and Brian and I can go through the stuff and just start sorting and tossing.

Well off to do the never ending job of laundry.