Sunday, July 02, 2006

Da Vinci's Code

Well ... I finally restarted the book last night and couldn't put it down. I love it! I'm at chapter 37 at the moment. Hopefully will have it done today or tomorrow.

Started my KAL and I am on Day 2 of it. Not sure what it is but will find out soon. Contemplating doing another one. I know I only have one set of 4.5 mm needles with me but Its not that hard to work with another project on your needles. ;)

Off to get everyone showered and to pack hubby and I to go home.

Leigh Ann

PS I hope with all the rain we have gotten at the farm that we got some at home. My poor garden could use it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Its Canada Day today and I am not doing alot. I have finished off my poncho I started on Mai 2 and finished off a dishcloth I started on Juin 29 (figure 8, is what it is called). I did the dishcloth in a variagate and the poncho in a navy blue. Still have to sew it but the rest is at home.

I'm at the farm for a little R & R. My sil and her family are home from the UEA - they are teaching over there for two years. It is so nice to see everyone. The kids have gotten big. My oldest niece has grown into a nice young lady and my nephew is almost as tall as me. That's not hard. My kids are having fun with them. :) My sil brought me a tea pot that they use over there. Its cool and different and it actually is a photo on one of their coin currencies.

Everyone went for Chinese but my nephew, son and I who do not like it. Better go others want on the machine.

Will post pictures when I get back.

Leigh Ann

PS My kids are staying with grandma and grandpa for a week and will be visiting with their cousins. A break for mom and dad! Maybe I will get more knitting done. :)