Sunday, December 30, 2007

A great Christmas

Alittle late in posting this but we had a great Christmas! Like I mentioned in the above post we had fun at the farm and enjoyed Christmas dinner with hubbies parents. We came home on Monday and th roads kept getting worse as we headed home. Which is normally the opposite for us! Once we hit Grand Bend it was smooth sailing again.

We went to Christmas eve Mass and Matt alter served. There were only two at Mass and they did a good job. He actually got to carry the book (normally reserved for grade 6 and up students). He's in grade 5. Hubby had most of the presents wrapped so all we had to do was the stockings and put them out. The kids were really excited but went to bed.

They got up at 7:30 and we opened our gifts. Matt loved his Wii and hugged it. Miki loved her keyboard and they got lots of other stuff too. I got a new electric grill, CM snow punch, my order from knit picks (yarn for stocking pattern in mag, knitting earrings, 2 books), cd, book, slippers, teapot, and blender.

We went to my mom and dads for Christmas day and dinner and of course we had a good time. My nieces are getting big. Niece 2 will be 1 on Jan 2 and I don't know where the time has gone. Niece 1 is 4 and in JK and a cutie too.

I worked Boxing Day and it was busy and I had worked the next two days as well. I am off for the weekend, go back for Monday and Wednesday and off for another 4 days. Yipee! Hopefully the kids won't drive me nuts.

My camera is full and I have filled the computer with pictures so I have to start putting them to disc so I can take more pictures again.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its been a busy month

WOW! It hard to believe that Christmas is two days away. It seems like it was just the beginning of Decembre and now we are at the 23rd. The last couple of weeks have kept me hopping. With Miki's Christmas play - the class was barn animals and they didn't like the fact that humans were going to be staying there. In the end they decided to let them stay. Miki was a mouse along with a few other students and there were cows and sheep.

Next was to be Matt's 10th birthday party at Lazar tag but it didn't happen because of a snow storm. We had to cancel and are hopping to reschedule for January. Everything for last week got postponed a day because of the storm, so I was able to make it to Mass with Miki and her class. Its always cute to see the children do the true meaning of Christmas and of lighting the advent candles.

Matt's play was pre-empted too so we got to see it on Thursday night. The grade 5 and 6 classes did an awesome job. Love Matt's class as Elvis! lol I must say for all of the above the participation of the parents at school is amazing. Its great to see so many people out for these.

I finished work up on Friday and have a four day weekend! Yippee! We have headed to the farm for an early Christmas as I have to work Boxing Day and the rest of the week. Not bad to have a three day week but Boxing Day will be busy!

Brian and I took the sleds out for a ride and boy my new one is fast! Its not registered yet or licensed but hopefully soon. Also since the trails aren't really open yet we tried to stay on our property though we did venture on our neighbours. Its was beautiful and peaceful. The snow on the ground and nothing to hear but nature. Sadly the snow has melted and we are suppose to have snow squall warnings for the way home but I won't worry about that till tomorrow. Ahhhhhh!

I did manage to finish knitting a couple of projects I started back in Septembre. My tendentious is still acting up but I want to knit. So I knit abit and stop and then do some more. I had thought that I had brought up some 10mm needles with me but for the life of me I can't find them. errrrrr... I was hoping to make a scarf this weekend as a gift for my sister. I do have some other ones made up already so I might have to give her one of them.

Well the turkey is smelling great and the pie has been baked already. Hubby and his mom have gone into town for abit, leaving fil, the kids and dog and I home alone. I guess we really aren't alone are we.

Have the Merriest of Christmas!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

From sheep in the city

I was on ravlery today and found this really cute scarf pattern.

Here is the link for it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Well if there is snow than its close to Christmas!

It snowed last night! The dog came in wet and had snow on his legs and I told the kids to put him in his cage. He is not really happy to be in there but the carpets, furniture and floors are staying clean.

The kids and I ran to the window to look and see the winter wonderland. Now today its raining and foggy too. Make you wonder what tomrrow will be like!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

What you will do for a Nintendo Wii

Brian and I have been searching these past couple of weeks for the hottest toy. The Wii! Do you think we can find one anywhere? NOoooooooooooooooo! We've been state side and this side and going into stores everyday to see if we can find them.

We've been on the net too - .coms and .cas and no luck.

Well it has turned for the good. Keeping the fingers crossed anyways. Brian and I have been up since 5:30 am and started looking at the sites and strategizing. As a team we are awesome! Checking the flyers calling the stores that open at 6 or 7 and seeing if any are in stock. Everyone in Sarnia knows that Toys R Us is getting around 30 of them Saturday morning. At 6:45 am 12 people are in line for them (the flyer said they would have 20). Now smart me remembers that Zellers is getting 10 in today. Hubby pulls into the parking lot and there are already 3 people there. Figures he will take his chances. The doors are open to stand inside as the store opens at 8. Well at 5 to 7 he calls and has ticket number6! We are in baby! Now I can get the things to go with it for my son. Its the only thing he wants for Christmas.

Kids are still sleeping and I am wired! I've emailed my sister and if her kids weren't little (4 and 10 1/2 mths) I would of called. So in about 20 mins we will have a Wii.

Have a great day! I just might go back to bed now.