Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well I finally took a few pictures of the scarves I gave out for Christmas. I had my one friend at work bring it in so I could take the photo. Of course I had to model it. I like being on the other end of the camera. Need to loose a few pounds to do the other.

Will post them later. The batteries dying in the camera.

Off to wash the dog.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is it really Winter?

I can't believe the weather this week or actually this year. It is going to be 7C and raining today. Beautiful day yesterday as I could just wear a spring jacket. But hey! This is Canada! We are known for our snow and cold temps. I know I live in an area that doesn't see as much snow as other places but not to have ANY! Come on now.

Now I don't want a blizzard, just some nice fluffy flakes falling gently down and covering the ground. If would be very peaceful and tranquil. Also, colder temps can help me get rid of this cold that I have had for 3 weeks. At least I am over the flu I had. Ugh!! The whole family got it and we gave it to my hubbies parents (not me I had to work that weekend).

Enjoy the nice weather!

Leigh Ann

101 Uses for Velcro Brand Fasteners

Thought that this could be could cool to post. Hopefully I have done this right as I have never used the link button before.



Friday, January 27, 2006

Questions to ponder

4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life:1. Customer Service Rep in a bank, 2. Manager of a restaurant, 3. Scheduler/ HR assistant, and my favourite job 4. being a mom

4 Movies You Could Watch Over & Over:1. Miss Congeniality, 2. Kate and Leapold, 3. Legally Blonde 1 or 2, and 4. any romantic comedy with Julia or Meg

4 Places You Have Lived in : I haven't lived in that many places. My home town and where I am know

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch: 1. CSI (actually any of them), 2. The Y&R, 3. Gilmore Girls, 4. Numbers - actually I have way to many to list.

4 Places You Have Been on Vacation:1. Cancun, Mexico2. visiting relatives in Montreal, Quebec, 3. Calgary, Alberta (and surrounding area) just because I always wanted to go there, 4. Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua (my honeymoon), 5. My farm in Owen Sound!

4 of Your Favourite Foods:1. Lasagna, 2. Wendy's cheeseburger's, 3. Orange Ruffy fish, 4. Brocolli and cheese soup

4 most Sweet Things: 1. my children, 2. chocolate, 3. sunsets/sunrises at the farm, 4. and my sweet, sweet niece.

Where's Winter

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted since Nov 5th. I have been busy knitting scarves and dishclothes. I did a couple of dolphin dishclothes, 3 beautiful scarves and am working on a sweater for my daughter.

I am working full time now as a Scheduler at our store. Basically I work for the HR manager. We get along great.

I promise to post more faithfully to here. lol Okay !! Okay! I will try