Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two new yarn shops in the Owen Sound area

Forgot to mention in the other post of two more yarn shops. Can't know of too many eh!

First is Lindenof Wool Mill and Yarn Shop. They have a website that tells all about their shop and their fibres. Their address is 241063 Con 3, East of Bruce County Rd 10, North of Highway 21 near Alvanley. They produce their own fibres and will work your fibre into yarn for you.

Second is a yarn shop on Main Street in Owen Sound called, Riverside Yarns and Knitting Shop. Their address is 136 10th Street East, Owen Sound.

Second Half of our vacation

Well instead of knitting I did the three hour drive up to Owen Sound on Monday. We stopped for supper and got in around7:30pm. Have to say I haven't really knitted since we got here. Why? don't know as I have brought lots to do. I really want to get the kids sweaters done this week or weekend.

Tuesday we just layed around, none of us were really feeling that well. AF is stopping by soon so I think that's my problem but I think everyone else is getting a cold.

Wednesday we headed out to Tobermory. We stopped for a late lunch at Colonel Clarkes Country Inn, Stokes Bay. It was good and the owner was really nice. I think we will be stopping by there again some time. Its said to say the water levels there at Stokes Bay are getting really low. You can see alot of lily pods and garbage in the bays. The highlight was of three young deers that came out of the bush and almost in front of the car. They ran down the road in front of us. I took pictures and will post once we get home. I don't have the cord to download to my in-laws computer.

After lunch we continued on to Tobermory. I wanted to find another light house tea pot. Do you think I could find one? Hell NO! Not a one in the whole town. Got some good peanut brittle and other candies for the kids from the Sweet Shop. The shops were fun to browse and the kids posed for a bunch of photos much to my surprise.

I actually knitted another figure eight dishcloth on our way up and part of the way back and then had nothing to work on. I didn't think I would of finished it all in that trip. Its only 100 kms from our farm. We went over to Sauble Beach and the kids went for a swim. Had to pick up a new bathing suit for Miki as she didn't have one with her. Matt had his from our trip to the states. Got some great shots of them in the water with the sun reflecting off. Can't wait to see them enlarged.

Well off to start another dishcloth called mini cables. Shouldn't be that difficult or take that long.

Off to Collingwood and Wasaga Beach tomorrow. Wasaga Beach has a big water slide park and we have promised to take the kids there. Camera is charging and suits and towels are washed and dried.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Yarn shop

We went up to Frankenmuth, Mi yesterday (Sunday) and I found an awesome yarn shop. Its called Rapunzel's Unique gifts and yarns. Their web address is:
This is the first yarn shop I found up in the area besides the Walmarts, Joann', etc.

I was bad or good depending on your take of it. I bought two skeins of Plymouth yarn Encore Colours in a light blude, mint green and lilac varigate. Thinking of making Olivia a sweater in it.
Also bought 6 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino, 2 of a nice light pink and 4 of a sage green colour. Not sure what to make with the green, total yardage is about 440 yards. The pink maybe a hat and scarf for Olivia my neice.

Well off to do some more laundry and head up to the farm. I plan on finishing the kids sweaters and not sure what else.

I did finish a scarf and a dishcloth on the trip. Not liking the yarn I am using for the Irish Hiking Scarf so I may start over with different yarn.

Will post pictures of the yarn later in the week.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I can't believe it! Its finally here! My holidays for the sumer! I've had a few long weekends during the summer but now I get 11 glorious days. Yeah!!!

Started the vacation off right. Went to the chiropractor and then had a massage. It was heavenly and I feel really relaxed now. Still have to pack to take off tomorrow but who cares. Don't worry be happy!

My yarn is packed, I have enough yarn (blue) for 3 dish cloths, blue for a Irish Hiking Scarf (Patons Canadiana) got the pattern from:, brown yarn from the now defunked Lewiscraft, Acquarius and Libra it will look gorgeous, and to finish the baby sweater I started a couple of weeks ago. Will I get it all done? Who knows but I will get it a try.

When we get back to Canada I will switch up some of the yarn and bring the kids sweaters to finish when we are at the farm.

I am hoping to use some of my "exceptions" while in the states (Michigan). I see Hobby Lobby has 40% off this weekend and Mary Maxum has Boa on for 0.97 cents a ball! That a deal! I don't like to knit with it so I might look for another yarn for a scarf and hat for hubby for Christmas.

Well will post when I can. Oh! Did I mention we might go to Frankenmouth to a giant indoor water park and Bronners! I love CHRISTmas!!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

4 hour Bias Baby Afghan

The afghan that was to take 4 hours took around 12. Ugh!! First I screwed up in the beginning and had a loop handing. First time with 25mm needles and 4 strands of yarn together. I've done 2 and 3 but first time for 4. Soooo, I am knitting and knitting. Decreasing looking pretty good but the loop. I'm over 3 quarters the way done and I see these. Aaaaaawwwwwwwww! Holes! How the hell it happened I don't know. Can you say rip it, rip it, rip it.
Now I have started this a second time and I am almost done again. But! I am running out of one of the varigated colours. So, what's a girl to do. Rip it, rip it back to the half way mark and start yet again. I took out a few extra rows out and proceed to the finish line. Go figure I had extra yarn left when I was done! Maybe I deleted one two many extra rows. It is done and wrapped and ready for the baby shower tomorrow. There was suppose to be fing pom poms on the four corners but hubby thought it might not be good for a baby. He thinks the holely blanket might not be good as they can put their fingures through it. Well its a new pattern for me and my usual one takes a month to do. I only had 15 days to do this and I know it wouldn't off been done for tomorrow.

Well off to bed. Anyone got any ideas for the left over Homespun yarn.

Dishcloth Photos

Figure 8 dishcloth in light blue. Figure 8 dishcloth in varigated. I made this one first and then found out my dishcloth pals favourite colour is blue. Sooooo I knitted one up for her.

This is going to Nan in Australia. Enjoy Nan!

Leigh's Musings

Wow! I can't believe its been over a month since I have posted to my blog. Done a few dish cloths but its been soooo hot. I did a dish cloth for my dishcloth exchange but she likes blue so I knitted another one in baby blue. I did the crazy 8 pattern from Leisure World. Turned out great!

Last week temps hit up with humidex 43-48C. HOT!! HOT! HOT!! Not wanting to knit at all. I started a baby sweater as I am invited to a baby shower on the 12 of August. Also, order some yarn to do a baby afghan from Lion Brand and also the 25mm needles. I've ripped it out two times because I keep running out of yarn.

The garden! Oh my goodness! The weeds are higher than the veggies. Not sure what the heck is happening out there but its sucks. I don't know where to start first. I have cleared out the rose garden of weeds again and they are back with friends! Ugh!!!! Just don't have the time for this.

Miki is scoring big time in soccer. Matt's not doing bad in baseeball but needs help with hitting. HOpefully next year it will be better.

Well off to finish the baby blanket. Will post picks of the first rip out with the oles later.

Leigh Ann