Saturday, August 12, 2006

Leigh's Musings

Wow! I can't believe its been over a month since I have posted to my blog. Done a few dish cloths but its been soooo hot. I did a dish cloth for my dishcloth exchange but she likes blue so I knitted another one in baby blue. I did the crazy 8 pattern from Leisure World. Turned out great!

Last week temps hit up with humidex 43-48C. HOT!! HOT! HOT!! Not wanting to knit at all. I started a baby sweater as I am invited to a baby shower on the 12 of August. Also, order some yarn to do a baby afghan from Lion Brand and also the 25mm needles. I've ripped it out two times because I keep running out of yarn.

The garden! Oh my goodness! The weeds are higher than the veggies. Not sure what the heck is happening out there but its sucks. I don't know where to start first. I have cleared out the rose garden of weeds again and they are back with friends! Ugh!!!! Just don't have the time for this.

Miki is scoring big time in soccer. Matt's not doing bad in baseeball but needs help with hitting. HOpefully next year it will be better.

Well off to finish the baby blanket. Will post picks of the first rip out with the oles later.

Leigh Ann

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