Monday, August 28, 2006

New Yarn shop

We went up to Frankenmuth, Mi yesterday (Sunday) and I found an awesome yarn shop. Its called Rapunzel's Unique gifts and yarns. Their web address is:
This is the first yarn shop I found up in the area besides the Walmarts, Joann', etc.

I was bad or good depending on your take of it. I bought two skeins of Plymouth yarn Encore Colours in a light blude, mint green and lilac varigate. Thinking of making Olivia a sweater in it.
Also bought 6 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino, 2 of a nice light pink and 4 of a sage green colour. Not sure what to make with the green, total yardage is about 440 yards. The pink maybe a hat and scarf for Olivia my neice.

Well off to do some more laundry and head up to the farm. I plan on finishing the kids sweaters and not sure what else.

I did finish a scarf and a dishcloth on the trip. Not liking the yarn I am using for the Irish Hiking Scarf so I may start over with different yarn.

Will post pictures of the yarn later in the week.

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kat said...

oh i use to love going to frankenmuth as a kid...i remember som wonderful sunday chicken dinners