Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Second Half of our vacation

Well instead of knitting I did the three hour drive up to Owen Sound on Monday. We stopped for supper and got in around7:30pm. Have to say I haven't really knitted since we got here. Why? don't know as I have brought lots to do. I really want to get the kids sweaters done this week or weekend.

Tuesday we just layed around, none of us were really feeling that well. AF is stopping by soon so I think that's my problem but I think everyone else is getting a cold.

Wednesday we headed out to Tobermory. We stopped for a late lunch at Colonel Clarkes Country Inn, Stokes Bay. It was good and the owner was really nice. I think we will be stopping by there again some time. Its said to say the water levels there at Stokes Bay are getting really low. You can see alot of lily pods and garbage in the bays. The highlight was of three young deers that came out of the bush and almost in front of the car. They ran down the road in front of us. I took pictures and will post once we get home. I don't have the cord to download to my in-laws computer.

After lunch we continued on to Tobermory. I wanted to find another light house tea pot. Do you think I could find one? Hell NO! Not a one in the whole town. Got some good peanut brittle and other candies for the kids from the Sweet Shop. The shops were fun to browse and the kids posed for a bunch of photos much to my surprise.

I actually knitted another figure eight dishcloth on our way up and part of the way back and then had nothing to work on. I didn't think I would of finished it all in that trip. Its only 100 kms from our farm. We went over to Sauble Beach and the kids went for a swim. Had to pick up a new bathing suit for Miki as she didn't have one with her. Matt had his from our trip to the states. Got some great shots of them in the water with the sun reflecting off. Can't wait to see them enlarged.

Well off to start another dishcloth called mini cables. Shouldn't be that difficult or take that long.

Off to Collingwood and Wasaga Beach tomorrow. Wasaga Beach has a big water slide park and we have promised to take the kids there. Camera is charging and suits and towels are washed and dried.

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