Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Canada Long weekend .......or not

Oops! We actually get screwed out of a long weekend as Canada is July 1st and it falls on a Tuesday this year. Boo!!!! Hissssss!! lol

I can't believe I haven't been on here since April 21st. Holy crap. Its been raining like crazy this past month. Lots of thunderstorms and torrential down pours. Good news is the lake level is coming up.

The kids pasted and are moving up to grades 6 and 4 this year. Matt's walking again! Its been a long haul but he's still limping. Hopefully by the end of summer he will be running. We are taking our holiday the first week of August - and we will be off for a week. Which will be nice. Not sure where we are going but doing something.

The farm still hasn't sold. Bugger! I am hopeful by the end of summer its gone. I haven't been up too much lately, with the gas prices and the kids doing things with friends and soccer tournaments. We haven't gone up much. Next weekend is the family reunion so we will be up there for that. And Brian's sister and her family is home from the UEA! Yeah! Our son will be happy to play with his cousin!

Well off to do some weeding in the rain. Good way to get all of them picked. One of these days I will knit again.