Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another dishcloth

Well I couldn't sleep this morning so I started another dishcloth at 7:30am and I finished it at 8:45pm this morning. Its another three crosses dishcloth. I have started the February Love one, from my monthly KAL group in red. I have about 5 rows done so far.

Quincy is having fun with his new cousin, Muggies. Muggies is a part Bichon and shiz pooh. Quincy is having fun barking at him and Muggies is humping Quinn. Guess they like each other! At least they are not fighting.

Will post more later.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Three Crosses Dishcloth

Well I just started and finished a three crosses dishcloth tonight in lilac. Turned out nice. I really like this pattern and its a good representation of Easter. In my humble opinion. The pattern is a free one from Rhonda White of She has some really cool patterns and I love doing them.

Hoping to get caught up on my KAL's this weekend as well. I am going to be working on a little tie quilt of the Cars movie. My niece just loves Lighting McQueen and hopefully do a couple pillow cases with the snoopy material I have. I'm not a big sewer but I have my aunt and mil to help me! Gotta love ladies that can actually sew.

As you may tell we are at the farm for the weekend. Hubby got a free rototiller from free cycle. Spent a
little money and it works like a dream. Its too big for our garden at home but perfect for the farm.

Well its getting late. Have a great weekend everyone!

Leigh Ann

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend work

I was hoping to work on a hat for my son yesterday but hubby had other ideas. No! Not that! lolHe (and then me) decided to clean half of the basement. My side!

Well my fruit cellar is clean and I have removed about 40 to a friend, out went the old deep fryer I haven't used since we moved 12 years ago, a food processor that broke last year and a few junkie things.

I cleaned up my yarn as well. Wow!! I still want to put it in groups, chunky, cotton, sayelle, etc... I found 50gr balls of CanadianPatons, 50 gr Shetland chunky (from way back when). Some colours are like WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!

They are now all in 80L totes (6 ofthem) and my BIG tote (160L) has the brownie games and stuff. Till I can get a tote for my brownie stuff.We condensed the two freezers to one. Cleaned them out and miraclesof miracles my laundry is caught up. Till I stipped my bed last night.It does look great down there.

Now to get the kids side done and then into the bedrooms.So I guess spring cleaning is here for me too.

Today dd is making her First Reconciliation at 2pm. So I am not doinga whole heck of alot. Well off to throw another load in the washer.

Have a great day!

Leigh Ann

PS On Sunday I got ds hat done for his play that's coming up. Just have to make the ears.

What a gorgeous day it is today!

Hi everyone! What a gorgeous day it is today in S-W Ontario. The temps are sitting at 20C at the moment and I have a blanket and quilt out on the line to dry. Bath rugs are going next. There's a 40% chance of showers but then I will have that rain smell freshness on my items. lol (Since this early post I have put aload of bedding and towels out on the line. The towels have alittle ways to go still).

There was a thunderstorm last night or morning around 3am and itdidn't last long.The tulips, crocuses and daffodils are coming along nicely. So arethe weeds! I actually pulled some today as well.

Started on the toyroom and lets just say I'd rather pull the weeeds then try and clean up the kids side!

Leigh Ann

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leigh's Country Cottage

I've just created a new site called Leigh's Country Cottage. A place for knitters to get together and chat. So grab a cup of tea and lets start chatting about knitting and other other crafts you like to do.

Click on the blow link.
Click here to join leighscountycottage
Click to join leighscountycottage

Happy Knitting!

Leigh Ann

Monday, March 19, 2007

Who turned on the snow machine?

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and now it snowing like crazy! I can barely see the grass. Thank goodness I got the rake out and did the doggie doo doo pick up. At least I don't have to worry about him eating it. Yuck! Hubby got my cloths line up and fixed so I can use it later this week. Supposedly it suppose to be 18 c by Wednesday. We will see.

I got 3 more dishcloths done and only 1 left to do! Yeah!!! Thank goodness! I am now really get sick of the pattern but I will perserve and get it done. I also started a purse for dd. She picked the colours our at Mary Maxim's, the only hing they didn't have was the handles I wanted. I wanted the same ones that they used as they were adorable. Will have to do a border run and see if I can find them.

I did read 3 more books this weekend. Will post on the other blog about them.

Well I have a tonne of things to do.... the usual suspects, laundry and dishes, etc.

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

4 left to do

Well I finished up another brownie dishcloth and then I went to count them. Dug some out of another bag in the living room that were done and guess what! I have 30 done! yeah!!! Only 4 more to go. I hope I have some yarn in the living room to finish them as I don't have any downstairs.

Now for the daunting task of tucking in all those ends! Eeks!!

Happy knitting!

Successful knitting weekend at the farm

It was a good weekend to knit at the farm. By Monday night I had knitted 5 dishcloths and finished the Harry Potter scarf for my son(see previous post for that).

Haven't knitted anything since I've been home. Catching up on the laundry. Its never ending. ugh!!! found out dd has exchemia on her feet and not athlete's foot. Thank goodness! I didn't think it was that but you never know.

Not feeling to great today still have the ulcer. Hopefully soon will be back to my old self.

Off to knit or more laundry.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

three more projects done

still haven't stated when I am starting my next go at this. My birthday was late last week and I went shopping and didn't see anything I liked! Its March Break right now so I think after its done I will be on the yarn diet for 2 months at least.

Since yesterday I have made 2 more of my dishcloths (is there no end to them), lol, and I finished off my sons Harry Potter scarf. It called for 6 repeats and I only did 2. Enough for him to tuck it under his coat and its not done in the Harry Potter colours but in Black and Grey. Looks sharp though I will have to block it. Matches his hat as well.

Well its late and time for bed. Happy knitting everyone!

Leigh Ann