Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend work

I was hoping to work on a hat for my son yesterday but hubby had other ideas. No! Not that! lolHe (and then me) decided to clean half of the basement. My side!

Well my fruit cellar is clean and I have removed about 40 to a friend, out went the old deep fryer I haven't used since we moved 12 years ago, a food processor that broke last year and a few junkie things.

I cleaned up my yarn as well. Wow!! I still want to put it in groups, chunky, cotton, sayelle, etc... I found 50gr balls of CanadianPatons, 50 gr Shetland chunky (from way back when). Some colours are like WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!

They are now all in 80L totes (6 ofthem) and my BIG tote (160L) has the brownie games and stuff. Till I can get a tote for my brownie stuff.We condensed the two freezers to one. Cleaned them out and miraclesof miracles my laundry is caught up. Till I stipped my bed last night.It does look great down there.

Now to get the kids side done and then into the bedrooms.So I guess spring cleaning is here for me too.

Today dd is making her First Reconciliation at 2pm. So I am not doinga whole heck of alot. Well off to throw another load in the washer.

Have a great day!

Leigh Ann

PS On Sunday I got ds hat done for his play that's coming up. Just have to make the ears.

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