Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cooler and wet

Well its raining still off and on and its definitely cooler! Brrr! Down to 15C with no humidity.

Haven't knitted anything in a few weeks though I should finish off that baby sweater for a friend of ours. Also need to get a gift down to my ex bil and his new wife and baby son.

My mom and a golfing buddy, faye, were shopping and came out to the Grove for lunch and to get my sisters camera. How it got into my purse is still a mystery to me! Its nicer than mine though. hehe

We had a good time at dad's 69th birthday on the weekend. And I bought a scan disk item that can get my pictures from my digital camera to my computer! yeah

Matt has his final mass of the year and he is getting the Academic award for his class. Definitely does not get it from me. Very proud parents here.

Well that's about it for now.

Leigh Ann

Monday, June 13, 2005

Its raining! Its pouring! The old man is snoring!

You guest it! Its finally raining here. Yeah!!! From what I understand it is suppose to rain for the next three days. Maybe it will make up for the lack of rain earlier this month. Its still sitting at25 C with a humidex of 35C.

I saw a couple of red finches today. They were so pretty and a robin is still on the side of the pool.

Well just a short postie today. Have to get up early in the morning.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

What a day!

Well just posted a bunch of pictures that I have wanted to do since Christmas! lol Can't believe its taken me this long to do it. Now to find out how to put them under a photo section.

Still hotter than heck but my garden is doing great! Its only been a week and the beans are growing like crazy and the beets and carrots are coming along nicely as well.

Well we are heading to my parents for my dads birthday, he's 69 yesterday. Hope to have a good time. I should but with the heat I am staying inside!

Tell yeah about it later.


Christmas washcloth. Posted by Hello

Kid's wash cloths Posted by Hello

another dish cloth - same pattern different colour. Posted by Hello

dish cloth that I made. Posted by Hello

My oldest niece in her shawl/poncho at Christmas (2004). Posted by Hello

More Christmas gifts. Posted by Hello

Christmas presents. Posted by Hello

Christmas presents. Posted by Hello

Miki's ponch that I made in Septembre of 2004. Think I would do different colours next time. Posted by Hello

A scarf I made for the CWL raffle draw. The lady who won it love it! Posted by Hello

My daughter Miki in her child hoodie I made at Christmas of 2004 Posted by Hello

This is my neice Olivia in her poncho I made her at Christmas (2004). Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A one way tickt to Nunavut !

Okay its way to hot! I really really hate it! Ugh!! It is 32C - 39C with the humidex. Get me out of here! lol Iqaluit, Nunavut temp is 4C and feeling like -1C. That sounds soooo good right now. ((visualizing snow at the moment)).

I am hot , tired and cranky!! I worked all day and it was nice this morning as we thought here might be a thunderstorm. But it didn't happened. It got hotter than heck. Not sure how hot HELL is but if its this warm (probablly warmer) I definitely DON"T want to go. Having a hard time breathing in this heat. No disrespect to our Lord God!!!

Our new windows were installed today. They look great. The downfall is the air was turned off and the house is sitting at 28C. Hopefully have it cooled down for sleeping tonight.

Well off for a swim. The kids have been in the pool already and I think I may go jump in. Its almost 8pm and they ned to get to bed.

Have a good night - if you can. Stay cool, drink lots of water and don't work too hard! ;)

Just watered the garden and my red beets are coming up! yeah!! The only good thing that the weather is doing for me is bring on my garden. Just had to post this.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hot and Humid again!

Well its hot and humid again here in S-W Ontario. I can't stand it. Ready to move to the Yukon! My son had baseball and I thought I'd die from the heat. I really can't breath to good with it. They tied and only did 3 innings. Yeah! Temperature was about 32C with the humidity.

We hit the pool once we got home. It was really refreshing. Watered all the plants after and the garden is coming along. The beans I planted last week have started to sprout! Can't wait to eat from them later.

Well have to go do some housework. The new windows are being put in tomorrow. Tidied abit.

Now off to bed as tomorrow is another day. Maybe will do some stitching or knitting.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer is here and a bit early at that

It is hotter than heck here and as you can tell I am not a hot, humid and hazy person. Give me snow any day! It is 25C or with the humidex its 32 C. And to top it off it will be like this all week. Great! Going to roast to death at work. LOL

Anyway all the veggies are in the garden and some are looking a little wilted due to the above mentioned heat.

We have been using our pool a lot and I have been in 3 times already too. Getting a bit of a tan too.

My sister Lauren, significant other, Ron, their kids Sheldon and Olivia came over last night for a visit. Sheldon went swimming with the kids (he is 12) and Olivia is 20 months old. I dangled her tootsies in the pool and she liked it. We pulled the 4 wheeler out and though its not fun trying to ride on a city lot ( we normally ride it on the farm) everyone enjoyed it. Maybe not the neighbours!

Well morning is going to come early and I have to be at work for 6:45 am. Matt has to play ball tomorrow night as well.

Oh! I finished the furth 3 cross dishcloth and I am going to start the dolphin one tomorrow. :)

Good night!

Leigh Ann