Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cooler and wet

Well its raining still off and on and its definitely cooler! Brrr! Down to 15C with no humidity.

Haven't knitted anything in a few weeks though I should finish off that baby sweater for a friend of ours. Also need to get a gift down to my ex bil and his new wife and baby son.

My mom and a golfing buddy, faye, were shopping and came out to the Grove for lunch and to get my sisters camera. How it got into my purse is still a mystery to me! Its nicer than mine though. hehe

We had a good time at dad's 69th birthday on the weekend. And I bought a scan disk item that can get my pictures from my digital camera to my computer! yeah

Matt has his final mass of the year and he is getting the Academic award for his class. Definitely does not get it from me. Very proud parents here.

Well that's about it for now.

Leigh Ann

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