Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

The Earth's shadow travels over the moon's surface during a full lunar eclipse on Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008.

Earth's shadow crosses the moon in lunar eclipse
Updated Wed. Feb. 20 2008 10:57 PM ET

The moon was almost completely in shadow at 10pm, Feb 20, 2008. News Staff

Canadian skies were mostly clear for Wednesday's lunar eclipse, the full moon bright in the sky as Earth's shadow crawled out from the left of the glowing sphere, ultimately turning it pale orange.

Starting at 8:42 p.m. ET (7:43 p.m. CT, 6:43 p.m. MT and 5:43 p.m. PT) and lasting for three hours, the last total lunar eclipse before 2010 was visible anywhere in North America lucky enough to have clear skies, according to NASA. It was also visible in Europe and Africa.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow blocks the sun's rays from hitting the moon. The three bodies must be perfectly aligned during a full moon, a rare event because the orbits of the moon and Earth are not on the same plane.

What began around 8:30 p.m. as a faint hint of darkness at the bottom left of the moon's visible surface turned to almost complete darkness by about 9:30 p.m. The moon was completely shadowed around 10 p.m., appearing with an orange hue.

The lunar colour show lasted for about 50 minutes before turning dark brown, then returning to its usual glow.

In close proximity to the moon were the evening's other two bright lights, the planet Saturn and Regulus, a bright star. Together, the three bodies created a stunning triangle.

According to NASA's Laura Motel, the exact color of an eclipsed moon depends on the amount of dust and clouds in the atmosphere.

"If there are extra particles in the atmosphere, from say a recent volcanic eruption, the moon will appear a darker shade of red," Motel wrote in a news release.

Science centres across the country, including the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and University of Calgary's Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, hosted free viewing parties, offering telescopes for eclipse enthusiasts to view the proceedings up close.

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Well it all began last week when I got the call from my husband to say that Matt got hurt at school and that he was at the hospital. I'm like WHAT! And when did it happen and why are you just calling me!

Turns out Matt and his friends at school were playing King of the Castle on a small snow hill, his one friend pushed him and he fell and they heard his leg snap. Yes he ended up breaking his femur! The school called an ambulance (the first time ever they had to do that) and basically the whole school was around him. One kid thought he was faking and kicked his bad leg the little shit. I saw him at school yesterday and gave him a dirty look - you know the mom look.

He ended up staying in the hospital for almost a week. They kept him drugged up on morphine and tylenol till friday when they did his surgery. The surgery went very well the doctor said. He will be on crutches and/or a walker for 8-10 weeks and the titanium rods will come out somewhere between 6-12 months. He has along way to go.

He had alot of his friends come to see him as well as family. Lots of presents to keep him busy in hospital and once he got home.

My work has been great and hubby can work his schedule around mine. He came home on Tuesday and has been either in bed or on the couch. He's making up for his lack of computer time when he was in the hospital.

I am in the process of having the school get him a tutor so he won't miss much. He's out for at least 2-3 weeks and that puts him back around the March Break. No biggie then he's back for 4 days and then Easter.

We are just glad to have him home.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still around

What a week! Cold weather and snow! You think its winter here in S-W Ontario! Oh! I guess it still is! hehe We actually got a foot and a half of snow on Thursday. I had the day off and didn't get a snow day.

I have been getting my box ready for the Misfit Cocoa Swap and I am having fun with it. I am doing it like I would the knitted tea swap so I hope its okay. I should have it out by Monday night as I work 7-4:30pm tomorrow.

With the weather the way its been I have been going to work and then home. Today its a -24C with the wind chill. Baby its cold out there!

Gotta go see the crying daughter. She bought the Kangaroo and the chocolate brown Horse and she mixed up the tags. She wanted to call the Kangaroo - Kangaroo Jack and the horse - Cocoa. Well the kangaroo is cocoa and she's freaking out. Plus I have to find the cord to my camera to download photos. I took the camera to WalMart to get a few for her project and I took a photo of the back 40 of the farm and printed it in black and white. Turned out gorgeous!

More later.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

first book read

I can finally post that I have read one book so far! I finished it on Feb 1/08 and its by Iris Johansen but can't remember the title. Will post later.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A belated Happy Ground Hog Day

It was nasty last friday but we hit the road any way to go to the farm. It snowed, and hailed and when we hit Exeter we were thinking of turning around. Had some lunch at McD's and decide to keep going. I buried my head into a book and look up occasionally.

It took 4 1/2 hrs to get to Owen Sound and thats 1 1/2 hours more than normal but we got there safe and sound. Our goal... to go and see Wiarton Willie on Saturday for Miki's birthday. Nothing says lovin' than getting up to see a rodent on your daughter's birthday. Our son didn't go and he opted to sleep in. But hubby, daughter and I went and had fun. The tv cameras panned the crowd and the kids were on but when it hit the evening news at 6 and 11 it was the big kids that hit it, yours truly included. Thank goodness I looked enthused! lol Did the sausage and pancake thing and tried to find all the events that were going on hard to do when you don't know the town. I know where Timmie's is and to drive straight through to Tobermory but not all the side streets.

We got back around noon and Matt wanted to go to Harrison Park toboganning. So daddy took him and I stayed at the farm. He came back for Miki and I and we all went for a late lunch at Pizza Hut the all you can eat buffet. Definitely got our money's worth but didn't want my supper at 5:30pm (we finished lunch at 2pm). Pass the tums please.......

All and all it was a great day and I did a bunch of knitting. I finished a scarf on friday night, made 2 dishcloths on Saturday and finished another on sunday.

Hubby and I went snowmobiling on Sunday moring for about 1 1/2hr. WE figure it might be the only time we get to go and the trails are still not open. I guess you really do need a good dumping of snow for that and for it to stay! hehehe He went out again with his dad and Matt and we left around 3:30 to come home.

Now I am trying to catch the laundry up and other stuff and I am still tired. I watched a movied Sunday night till 11:20pm.... wouldn't be a bad thing but I'm up at 5:30 am so not alot of sleep that night.

Will post pictures once I download them from the camera.

Ohhhh and if we don't get this storm I will be finishing up getting my package ready for the hot chocolate swap that I am in. Can't wait to see what I get her and what I will receive!

Happy knitting! With these temps I could be gardening! hehehe