Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still around

What a week! Cold weather and snow! You think its winter here in S-W Ontario! Oh! I guess it still is! hehe We actually got a foot and a half of snow on Thursday. I had the day off and didn't get a snow day.

I have been getting my box ready for the Misfit Cocoa Swap and I am having fun with it. I am doing it like I would the knitted tea swap so I hope its okay. I should have it out by Monday night as I work 7-4:30pm tomorrow.

With the weather the way its been I have been going to work and then home. Today its a -24C with the wind chill. Baby its cold out there!

Gotta go see the crying daughter. She bought the Kangaroo and the chocolate brown Horse and she mixed up the tags. She wanted to call the Kangaroo - Kangaroo Jack and the horse - Cocoa. Well the kangaroo is cocoa and she's freaking out. Plus I have to find the cord to my camera to download photos. I took the camera to WalMart to get a few for her project and I took a photo of the back 40 of the farm and printed it in black and white. Turned out gorgeous!

More later.

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