Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welcome to March

Its hard to believe its the first day of March. Where has the time gone? As I sit at the desk I can see snow flakes falling down - nothing major but still a reminder that Spring is a few weeks away. Being a winter baby (March 8), I love winter and the snow that comes. But this winter has actually been a long cold one with lots of snow. This snow baby is ready for spring.

The days are getting longer and the sun "appears" to be brighter and thts a beautiful thing!

On the knitting front I still haven't gotten much done. Still working on a scarf but one of these days I will set my mind to it and finish it and the other projects.

With the snow melting I can see the mess I will have to deal with in a few weeks in the gardens, which by the way got neglected alot last year. I am thinking of ripping one up and beginning again.

I went to Ash Wednesday mass with the kids on Wednesday and then headed to work. My goal is to make it to church more during the Lenten season this year. With Matt's accident last year I hate to say I hadn't been to church since last Jan/Feb '08.

Also, I will try and post more here. With the hours I work at work 9-10 hour days its hard to get the daily stuff done let alone all the fun stuff. lol

My daughter, Miki, and I went to a friends 1st Anniversary sale at her Quilt Shoppe. She offered 30% off and I got some fabric to make my recyle bag and a few patterns that I should be able to do. I am not a big sewer but it would be fun to do. Add to the growing list of to do. lol

Well of to finish some laundry, send my daughter's friend home and head to my parents for the day and dinner.

Have a peaceful Sunday.