Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Earth Hour

We participated again this year and had fun. The kids lit a bunch of candles (with me in the room) and we sat and watched a movie together. It was really nice. All the other lights were out. Sadly alot of my neighbours had their lights on.

Till next year when we can do it again!

Here's what WWF- Canada had to say:

Climate Change Message Heard Around the World!

Thank you Canada for becoming part of the solution by sending a strong message to world leaders about the need for action on climate change!

A poll commissioned by WWF-Canada shows that more than half of all adult Canadians (52%) participated in WWF’s Earth Hour on March 28, creating an unprecedented call to action on climate change in advance of the UN negotiations in Copenhagen in December. The main reasons people turned off their lights were to show support for action on climate change and express a commitment to take personal action for the environment.

Globally, almost 4,000 cities in 88 countries participated in Earth Hour, far exceeding WWF’s global goal of 1,000 cities. Canada was again among the leading countries in the campaign in terms both cities participating (more than 280 nationally) and for participation per capita.

The poll results also show that Canadian concern for climate change extends far beyond participating in Earth Hour. Eighty per cent of Canadians believe that Earth Hour is sending a message to the federal government that now is the time to start taking climate change seriously and develop a plan to reduce emissions.

Still time to sign up!

If you forgot to sign-up for Earth Hour there is still time! Do it now and your sign-up will still count to the global count.

People were inspired across the country and around the globe as monuments such as the CN Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Acropolis and the Empire State Building went dark. This year we welcomed new participation from people in countries such as India and China, and welcomed back the countries that celebrated Earth Hour in 2008.

Thanks to everyone for making our climate change message heard around the world. However you celebrated, we hope it was a truly memorable experience and we hope that you continue to take actions every day to reduce your ecological footprint. Remember to make every hour Earth Hour by joining WWF-Canada’s web-based community, The Good Life! The next few months will be critical as we wait to see how global leaders react to this united call for action on climate change.

How low did we go?

The goal of Earth Hour is really about participation but it is also fun to track the energy reductions across the nation.

The results are just starting to trickle in and we'll update you here as we get them.
City/Town, Energy Drop (Energy Drop Percentage)
Calgary, 10 MW (1%)
Edmonton, (5,2%)

British Columbia, 72.67 MW (1.1%)
Victoria, (3.1%)
Vancouver, (1.3%)

New Brunswick, 20 MW

Newfoundland and Labrador, (1%)

Nova Scotia, 15 MW (1%) Ontario, 920 MW (6%)
Toronto, 455 MW (15%)
Mississauga, (10%)
Ottawa, (6%)
Oakville, (13.3%)
Peterorough, (10%)
Richmond Hill, 43 MW (27%)

Prince Edward Island, (9.7%)

Quebec, 150 MW (5%)

Saskatoon, (1.2%)

If your city or provinces results aren't here please ask your local city leaders or hydro company as WWF-Canada won't be following up directly with any energy providers.