Tuesday, August 21, 2007

126 days till Christmas!

Can you believe it! Only 126 days till Christmas! Can't wait. Christmas is my favourite time of year.

Off to find a count down to add time my side bar! Ho ho ho

Who founded Lego

Who founded Lego? I found this quite interesting and though I'd share.

The plastic toy created in 1947 has sold over 400 billion bricks
Many people wonder who invented LEGO®s, that popular children’s toy that is known around the world. The inventor of LEGO®s is Mr. Ole Kirk Christiansen, who is the grandfather of the company owner today, Mr. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Mr. Ole Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter who lived in Bilund, Denmark, and that is also where the company first began. Little would he know that from one decision during the Depression, one of the most popular toys in the world would be created.

Mr. Christiansen began his carpentry business in 1916. He made houses and built furniture for farmers who lived in the area. He lived with his family in Bilund, Denmark and did his carpentry work in that area. But in 1932 he decided to start to make wooden toys for the local children. He made animal pull toys and piggy banks and buses.

Christiansen loved making children’s toys so much that he was inspired to switch from carpentry work to the toy business. This was a very wise decision, as the country Denmark was in a depression, and Christiansen believed that while people would wait for awhile if they needed repair work done to their homes, or even new furniture, they would always find money for brand new toys for their children. Christiansen chose the name LEGO® for his new company. It is actually a contraction of two Danish words: “leg” and “godt” which means “play well”.

Christiansen’s new company LEGO® created its first plastic toys in 1947. In 1949, they brought what they called Automatic Binding Bricks: interlocking plastic blocks that were an early design of what we now know today as the LEGO® brick. The LEGO®s that we love today came to market in 1955. They were originally designed in red and white plastic.

The first set was called Town Plan and was created to teach children about traffic safety. Town Plan was a hit! In the years that followed, Christiansen offered many more kits to teach children about more important issues. Today, children can find LEGO® assortments that include more than 3,000 elements in 75 different colors.

It is estimated that over 400 million children and adults all over the world have played with LEGO® bricks. In the past 60 years, global sales of LEGO®s have reached an astounding 400 billion bricks. That’s about seventy-five bricks per person (at the world’s population estimated at six billion people). No wonder so many people are interested in knowing who invented LEGO®s!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fern Michaels - Free Fall

Well we are up to the farm for the weekend and I read Fern Michaels Free Fall on the way up and at the farm. I should of had it finished in the car but the kids were yacking! hehe It is the seventh book in the series about 7 lady vigilanties. Loved it!

Well off to do some knitting now. I'll either finish the scarf our start another candy bag!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Which woman from the Outlander series are you?

I love the books and now I just had to do the quiz!

Which woman from the Outlander series are you?

You are Laoghaire MacKenzie McKimmie Fraser. You'll do whatever it takes to get the things you think you want, though you might not necessarily be happy with the results. Your life feels out of control and you are very dependent upon the men in your life.
Take this quiz!

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More photos

Photo Thursday

Some completed knitting projects. A scarf done out of knitpick yarns, a trefoil dishcloth and aa bathsuit dishcloth.

A gift from Suzie from the KTS3. Thanks Suzie! Love the yarn.

These are the pickles that I have canned over the last few weeks. Dills, red beets and icicle pickles.

Mandy's Candy Bag

There is a contest running at NH Knitting Mama (http://nhknittingmama.blogspot.com/2007/07/mandys-candy-bag.html), and it goes like this:

1. Knit the candy bag
2. Post a pic of your candy bag on your blog and let Mandy know about it (with a link to the blog post!).
3. Your name will go into a drawing FIVE TIMES for some swag!

Don't want to knit Mandy's Candy Bag? That's okay! You can still participate
See how on Mandy's blog...

Deadline is Monday, September 3rd, 12:01am eastern standard time.

Here is my finished bag!

Photo one is of me at the point using dpn needles.

Second photo is off the bottom of the bag.

Finish bag with out the cord.

My use of a crohet hook. The camer is in my left hand.

The finish bag itself. I had put a dishcloth in the bottom to puff it up some.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Updates of what I have done

Okay I haven't posted in abit but I have been busy.

I have read 17 books in July

canned 17 jars of dill pickles
canned 36 jars of icicle pickles
canned 25 jars of red beets
froze 8 bags of green and yellow beans

knitted 6 scarves and 2 dishcloths

and have been working with my son on the scavenger hunt. We had 72 stamps as of yesterday and took it up to 98. We need 156 stamps in total to finish. 58 more to go! We are going out tomorrow to do some more.

Well off to get some house work and laundry done so I can go and play tomorrow.

Leigh Ann

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Create Your Own Masterpiece!

Here is mine!


Click here to create your own painting.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Update on my kniting

Well I have been kniting up a storm and I have also been canning up a storm. I have knitted two scarves, a dishcloh and have another scarf and dishcloh on the needles.

I have canned 13 jars of dill pickles,
and I have froze 4 1 ltr bags of raspberries and 8 bags of green and yellow beans.

We have bought a new car! Yeah! Its another Honda Civic but this one is an Honda Civic EX. It has a moon roof, cd player and power windows. Gotta love the moon roof! Its white or taffata white and we get it tomorrow. Can't wait!

Well a big day tomorrow and alot to do.