Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I made it through the month of Janaury

We I was successful at not buying any yarn or any knitting paraphanelly for the month of January. Bad news is I didn't get alot of knitting done. I knitted two things. pathetic am I. Though it was really busy month for me and my tennis elbow flared up again.

I am going to do it again though for another month.

Start day will be February 5th. Maybe going away and I want to check out a new yarn shop. I hear that the yarn is pricey so it just my be a browsing trip. Also my local craft store is having its anniversary sale. I want to take a looksey. Probablly won't buy anything but to see.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Leigh Ann

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my mom and my daughter

We went down to my parent's place for my daughters birthday and my moms. Mom's was Jan 24 and dd is Feb 2. Yes she is a ground hog baby and this year her birthday is on a PD day. Party time. We are throwing her a slumber/sleepover birthday party.

Anyway we get to moms and have a nice visit. My sister and her family come too and I get to hold my new neice who is 26 days old. What a sweety! I brought presents for baby, big sister and grandma. Grandma is make a jean quilt and her scissors aren't up to snuff so I got her a pair that would work.

It snowed alot today and the afternoon was bright and sunny. We went home and the roads were snow cover. Thank goodness for the 4 wheel drive. All was well till stupid decides to pass a car as another 4x4 passed. Duh!!! The car starts coming over into our lane - I scream and swearand covered my eyes as hubby keeps its on the road. Lets just say I made me a stiff drink when I got home to get the shaking hands to stop.

Other than that the trip and the visit was great.

Dishcloth # 21

Well I am on dishcloth number 21 for my brownie group. I re-adapted a shamrock pattern into a Trefoil. At the beginning I thought I'd need to knit about 24 dishcloths for brownies and leaders. Well we have 28 brownies, 4 leaders and 2 helpers. Needless to say I have 34 dishcloths to do all together and as you know I am on 21. Having tennis elbow or a sore elbow hasn't helped at all. I am going to start working on them on my lunch break. I am half way through this one and will have it done tomorrow.

I actually took all my knitting stuff out of the living room to the basement today. Next I am going to sort and inventory my stash. A friend of my mom is knitting mittons and scarfs and stuff for a women's group in my town. I am going to call her and see what type of yarn she needs and donate some to the cause. I know I won't get to it all and she will put it to good use. She is a beautiful knitter too. Tillie learnt to knit in Belgium by the nuns and she has shown me stitches and helped me on a few projects. Her work is amazing. I know she can make an adult sweater in a day (that's how fast and well she knits).

Well its getting late and I have to be up early. Have a great night.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Its finally snowing! Not a major snow storm or anything but its snowing. Just had to report it. The dog is having fun out there.

Trying to get games ready for brownie camp this weekend. I think we will have fun will keep you posted.

Well off to get things ready.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm an Aunt again!

My sister and her hubby had a baby girl this morning at 3:11am. She weighed in at 9 lbs, both mom and baby are doing fine. No name yet but hopefully by tomorrow.

The kids and I went to see them at the hospital and she is definitely cute! Heavy too! We stayed for an hour and total drive time was 2 hours.

Can't wait to see her again.

Monday, January 01, 2007

1st project done for 2007 - cable headband for my daughter

After two months of tennis elbow, I've started knitting again. Its not perfect (the elbow) but I am in the mood to knit. I just completed a cable head band for my daughter. Its done in a country blue, shetland chunky and took less than a 50 gram ball to do.

Forgot to mention that the cable pattern is from the Family Circle Great Ideas Knitting and Crochet magazine, vol 13, no 5 (August 1987). It also has a matching easy knit bulky sweater to go with it. Took me three tries to get it right. Was watching Air Buddies as I did it. Now to make one for me!

New Year Resolutions for 2007

Well its time to list my resolutions for 2007.

1. Loose 30 lbs. I'd like to loose more but I am going to loose 30 lbs this year. I turn 40 next year and I want to look fabulous! I guess that means I need to exercise as well! Ahhhh!! I am in the mind set and I am going to do it. I will be tracking my progress on to see how its going.

2. Genealogy. Getting back on board with this and hopefully get it all organized. That will probablly take a year. But my main goal is getting out to the LDS family centre and start looking for those elusive relatives and to get my transcribing down of the two parishes I volunteered a couple of years ago to do.

3. Knitting. Not that it isn't as important as the others as I love to knit. My goal is to use yarns in my stash, I am joining two stashalongs to help with this.

One is called the Stashalong and you can decide on how long you want to do the destasing for, one month, two, or more. I am going for 1 to get the feel for it. Also I will be trying to finish some WIPs (works in progress for the none knitters), and if I am not going to use the yarn I am going to sell it. I will post more about this in another blog.

Second one is called Knit from your stash 2007. Its a nine month destashing. I have listed this one and have made some ammendments to it.

4. Trying to figure out how to post the damn side bars on this blog. I still can't figure it out. I am not computer stupid. Maybe I should just get hubby to do it.

Since its only January 1 I may make some revisions or additions in the coming week.