Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my mom and my daughter

We went down to my parent's place for my daughters birthday and my moms. Mom's was Jan 24 and dd is Feb 2. Yes she is a ground hog baby and this year her birthday is on a PD day. Party time. We are throwing her a slumber/sleepover birthday party.

Anyway we get to moms and have a nice visit. My sister and her family come too and I get to hold my new neice who is 26 days old. What a sweety! I brought presents for baby, big sister and grandma. Grandma is make a jean quilt and her scissors aren't up to snuff so I got her a pair that would work.

It snowed alot today and the afternoon was bright and sunny. We went home and the roads were snow cover. Thank goodness for the 4 wheel drive. All was well till stupid decides to pass a car as another 4x4 passed. Duh!!! The car starts coming over into our lane - I scream and swearand covered my eyes as hubby keeps its on the road. Lets just say I made me a stiff drink when I got home to get the shaking hands to stop.

Other than that the trip and the visit was great.

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Anonymous said...

you tell the best stories-luv ya k