Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dishcloth # 21

Well I am on dishcloth number 21 for my brownie group. I re-adapted a shamrock pattern into a Trefoil. At the beginning I thought I'd need to knit about 24 dishcloths for brownies and leaders. Well we have 28 brownies, 4 leaders and 2 helpers. Needless to say I have 34 dishcloths to do all together and as you know I am on 21. Having tennis elbow or a sore elbow hasn't helped at all. I am going to start working on them on my lunch break. I am half way through this one and will have it done tomorrow.

I actually took all my knitting stuff out of the living room to the basement today. Next I am going to sort and inventory my stash. A friend of my mom is knitting mittons and scarfs and stuff for a women's group in my town. I am going to call her and see what type of yarn she needs and donate some to the cause. I know I won't get to it all and she will put it to good use. She is a beautiful knitter too. Tillie learnt to knit in Belgium by the nuns and she has shown me stitches and helped me on a few projects. Her work is amazing. I know she can make an adult sweater in a day (that's how fast and well she knits).

Well its getting late and I have to be up early. Have a great night.

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