Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brownie enrollment

We had 18 girls enrolled and I will only post a few picks of my daughter.

Waiting patiently with her Pixie patrol to get enrolled.

Getting congratulated by one of her leaders (Snowy Owl aka Mom). Yes! Finally a picture of me. lol

The cake! And yes! It was as good as it looked!!

My roses were still in bloom in October

The centre one here is just blooming like crazy. The roses are beautiful.

A view of the left side.

The right side.

A view of the entire rose garden and of Quincy.

KTS is here

Okay! It really wasn't delivered like this. I had to get it from the post office but it makes for a great shot!

Hmm.... what could be inside??????

Look at all the cool stuff!

I'm abit behind in postings but my yarn and tea from KTS2 came in Octobre 27 and this is the letter sent to my pal.

Thank you Kerri! I love it! It came in earlier this week and hubby was hiding it on me. Ugh!! I'm short and don't really look up well he told me yesterday and I opened it. Also I have been distracted this week as we got a new puppy on Monday night.

I love the Opal sox yarn and bamboo needles. The colours in it are beautiful! I haven't tried socks yet but now its a must! Love the milk duds and the other chocolate is awesome. The kids like them too. I love the yarn tainer that is so cool. I've seen these around and now I have one.

The tea! I can't wait to try them The lemon echinacea ones will be used soon. I think I'm getting a cold and they will be good on my throat. We have Celestial seasoning here and they are great though I haven't tried the peppermint one yet. I love the Ineeka can and Chamomile. Before the knitted tea swaps I had never drank loose tea. Now that I have I am enjoying it.

Thank you again and happy birthday! If there is anything from Canada that I can send you let me know and I will do so.