Sunday, November 04, 2007

Long time posting

Well its been along time in posting. I was trying to upload some photos and the computer won't let me. Why you ask? Well seems to me that I have filled it! Oopie! Plus this is my husband's computer! I have backed them up on a USB drive but I have to get them onto discs that I have here in the office. Guess I will wait till he is home tomorrow.

Lots to post but not alot of photos. The ones I want are still on the camera.

First, Brian's Aunt Mabel passed away on Octobre 22nd, 2007. She was 92 and lived a good long life. Brian and our son went to the funeral as our daughter and I had brownie camp and I was the Contact guider. I probably could of missed the first day but if something happened it would fall on me.

I got a great package from my knitted tea swap pal Heli! Lots of great yarn, lots of great tea (will have to translate what they are into English) and lots and lots of good Finnish chocolate. My package was mailed out Oct 25 to her and she will get it in another 5 weeks. Apparently it weighs too much! Have I ever mentioned I love to shop! Any way... I thought I was a GREAT KTS partner but I now bow to the queen. hehe I have enjoyed this swap and can't wait till the Christmas gifts are done to make something out of the yarn.

Speaking of Christmas I am participating in "a village Christmas" and have some knitting done and hopefully if the arms feel good more will be done. I am also making some "Whisk you a Merry Kissmas" and doing some candy cane bark and probably snowman poop. Cute little Christmas things. There is another pattern of things I want to do but have to dig it out. Got it from a girl guide site.

Tomorrow is deer hunting season. Not DEAR but DEER so you can't hunt my hubby though mainy times I wonder why I don't put him out. hehe JUST KIDDING!!! He was scouting the property this morning and of course a 6 point buck is out and with it being Sunday you cannot shoot. Plus in the neighbouring field a neighbour was burning some stuff off. Three strikes there. I hope its there for him tomorrow.

Speaking of deers... I guess up in the Grey County area 11 people have had accidents involving deer. Here in Sarnia Lambton the total for the year is 87. I guess they keeping their eyes open alot more up there than we are! :)

Its been almost 6 weeks and my arm is still sore. I broke down last week and went to the doctor. He says its tendonitis. Great! Something else to keep me from knitting. It hurts to lay on the arm and being at the keyboard now its seizing up.

So that's all from me! Happy knitting!