Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer is here and a bit early at that

It is hotter than heck here and as you can tell I am not a hot, humid and hazy person. Give me snow any day! It is 25C or with the humidex its 32 C. And to top it off it will be like this all week. Great! Going to roast to death at work. LOL

Anyway all the veggies are in the garden and some are looking a little wilted due to the above mentioned heat.

We have been using our pool a lot and I have been in 3 times already too. Getting a bit of a tan too.

My sister Lauren, significant other, Ron, their kids Sheldon and Olivia came over last night for a visit. Sheldon went swimming with the kids (he is 12) and Olivia is 20 months old. I dangled her tootsies in the pool and she liked it. We pulled the 4 wheeler out and though its not fun trying to ride on a city lot ( we normally ride it on the farm) everyone enjoyed it. Maybe not the neighbours!

Well morning is going to come early and I have to be at work for 6:45 am. Matt has to play ball tomorrow night as well.

Oh! I finished the furth 3 cross dishcloth and I am going to start the dolphin one tomorrow. :)

Good night!

Leigh Ann

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