Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A one way tickt to Nunavut !

Okay its way to hot! I really really hate it! Ugh!! It is 32C - 39C with the humidex. Get me out of here! lol Iqaluit, Nunavut temp is 4C and feeling like -1C. That sounds soooo good right now. ((visualizing snow at the moment)).

I am hot , tired and cranky!! I worked all day and it was nice this morning as we thought here might be a thunderstorm. But it didn't happened. It got hotter than heck. Not sure how hot HELL is but if its this warm (probablly warmer) I definitely DON"T want to go. Having a hard time breathing in this heat. No disrespect to our Lord God!!!

Our new windows were installed today. They look great. The downfall is the air was turned off and the house is sitting at 28C. Hopefully have it cooled down for sleeping tonight.

Well off for a swim. The kids have been in the pool already and I think I may go jump in. Its almost 8pm and they ned to get to bed.

Have a good night - if you can. Stay cool, drink lots of water and don't work too hard! ;)

Just watered the garden and my red beets are coming up! yeah!! The only good thing that the weather is doing for me is bring on my garden. Just had to post this.


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