Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two new yarn shops in the Owen Sound area

Forgot to mention in the other post of two more yarn shops. Can't know of too many eh!

First is Lindenof Wool Mill and Yarn Shop. They have a website that tells all about their shop and their fibres. Their address is 241063 Con 3, East of Bruce County Rd 10, North of Highway 21 near Alvanley. They produce their own fibres and will work your fibre into yarn for you.

Second is a yarn shop on Main Street in Owen Sound called, Riverside Yarns and Knitting Shop. Their address is 136 10th Street East, Owen Sound.

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daelyn said...

I was SO excited when I saw that the Riverside Yarns was finally sorta looking open-ish walking home from work today. I'm seriously going to be spending time there! Oh and Hi!