Saturday, September 09, 2006

Knitted Tea Swap part Deux

I joined Knitters Tea Swap 2. I had a great time with the first one and cannot wait for this one to start. I have been "gathering" some cool things over the summer.

It feels like Christmas!


Tricotine said...

That sounds interesting, Leigh Ann! What is the adress, please?
Clicking on the button only shows the picture...

Isabelle aka Tricotine

Terri said...

Leigh - do you mind if I ask for the link? Sounds like wonderful fun.

Terri (Britt's Knitting Loft)

roseygirl said...

what is the link for this Tea Knits thing it sounds wonderful.

Leigh Ann said...

Here's the link everyone.

Its closed now but who knows there could be a KTS 3?? If all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I'm so excited to be your tea swap pal, I just got your information and will send you an email shortly but wanted to send you a quick hi! =)

~your secret tea pal