Thursday, August 24, 2006


I can't believe it! Its finally here! My holidays for the sumer! I've had a few long weekends during the summer but now I get 11 glorious days. Yeah!!!

Started the vacation off right. Went to the chiropractor and then had a massage. It was heavenly and I feel really relaxed now. Still have to pack to take off tomorrow but who cares. Don't worry be happy!

My yarn is packed, I have enough yarn (blue) for 3 dish cloths, blue for a Irish Hiking Scarf (Patons Canadiana) got the pattern from:, brown yarn from the now defunked Lewiscraft, Acquarius and Libra it will look gorgeous, and to finish the baby sweater I started a couple of weeks ago. Will I get it all done? Who knows but I will get it a try.

When we get back to Canada I will switch up some of the yarn and bring the kids sweaters to finish when we are at the farm.

I am hoping to use some of my "exceptions" while in the states (Michigan). I see Hobby Lobby has 40% off this weekend and Mary Maxum has Boa on for 0.97 cents a ball! That a deal! I don't like to knit with it so I might look for another yarn for a scarf and hat for hubby for Christmas.

Well will post when I can. Oh! Did I mention we might go to Frankenmouth to a giant indoor water park and Bronners! I love CHRISTmas!!

Have a great weekend!

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