Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is it really Winter?

I can't believe the weather this week or actually this year. It is going to be 7C and raining today. Beautiful day yesterday as I could just wear a spring jacket. But hey! This is Canada! We are known for our snow and cold temps. I know I live in an area that doesn't see as much snow as other places but not to have ANY! Come on now.

Now I don't want a blizzard, just some nice fluffy flakes falling gently down and covering the ground. If would be very peaceful and tranquil. Also, colder temps can help me get rid of this cold that I have had for 3 weeks. At least I am over the flu I had. Ugh!! The whole family got it and we gave it to my hubbies parents (not me I had to work that weekend).

Enjoy the nice weather!

Leigh Ann

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