Sunday, December 30, 2007

A great Christmas

Alittle late in posting this but we had a great Christmas! Like I mentioned in the above post we had fun at the farm and enjoyed Christmas dinner with hubbies parents. We came home on Monday and th roads kept getting worse as we headed home. Which is normally the opposite for us! Once we hit Grand Bend it was smooth sailing again.

We went to Christmas eve Mass and Matt alter served. There were only two at Mass and they did a good job. He actually got to carry the book (normally reserved for grade 6 and up students). He's in grade 5. Hubby had most of the presents wrapped so all we had to do was the stockings and put them out. The kids were really excited but went to bed.

They got up at 7:30 and we opened our gifts. Matt loved his Wii and hugged it. Miki loved her keyboard and they got lots of other stuff too. I got a new electric grill, CM snow punch, my order from knit picks (yarn for stocking pattern in mag, knitting earrings, 2 books), cd, book, slippers, teapot, and blender.

We went to my mom and dads for Christmas day and dinner and of course we had a good time. My nieces are getting big. Niece 2 will be 1 on Jan 2 and I don't know where the time has gone. Niece 1 is 4 and in JK and a cutie too.

I worked Boxing Day and it was busy and I had worked the next two days as well. I am off for the weekend, go back for Monday and Wednesday and off for another 4 days. Yipee! Hopefully the kids won't drive me nuts.

My camera is full and I have filled the computer with pictures so I have to start putting them to disc so I can take more pictures again.

Have a great weekend!


Aunt Kathy said...

Leigh Ann, sounds like you had a great Christmas. What colors yarn did you get?

I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year

Leigh Ann said...

Hi Kathy! I will post a photo later today. My one camera is full and so is the computer so I took it on the old camera and will put it on my computer.

Make sense? hehe

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