Saturday, July 01, 2006


Its Canada Day today and I am not doing alot. I have finished off my poncho I started on Mai 2 and finished off a dishcloth I started on Juin 29 (figure 8, is what it is called). I did the dishcloth in a variagate and the poncho in a navy blue. Still have to sew it but the rest is at home.

I'm at the farm for a little R & R. My sil and her family are home from the UEA - they are teaching over there for two years. It is so nice to see everyone. The kids have gotten big. My oldest niece has grown into a nice young lady and my nephew is almost as tall as me. That's not hard. My kids are having fun with them. :) My sil brought me a tea pot that they use over there. Its cool and different and it actually is a photo on one of their coin currencies.

Everyone went for Chinese but my nephew, son and I who do not like it. Better go others want on the machine.

Will post pictures when I get back.

Leigh Ann

PS My kids are staying with grandma and grandpa for a week and will be visiting with their cousins. A break for mom and dad! Maybe I will get more knitting done. :)