Tuesday, July 28, 2009

East Coast Bound

In a few days we are heading to the ol' East coast. I can't wait! It feels like I am going home though I am born and breed here in Ontario. lol I am an Acadian descendant and can't wait to see where my ancestors called home and were the great Expulsion took place.

Alot has happen since I last posted. Well it has been awhile! In May we had a big storm and the back siding of our house came off abit soooo what's a person to do. call the insurance company. Well we couldn't match the new siding to our brick (icky brick), that's 25 years old. So we did the next best thing. We painted it and got taupe siding! It looks amazing and like a brand new house. Now to work on the inside.

Oh! Speaking of May WE FINALLY SOLD THE FARM AND ITS GONE. Hence the painted brick, new truck and a trip east. lol Its nice not to worry about the farm anymore.

On the gardening and knitting front nothing has happen much. Especially gardening with the spraying and that. And knitting haven't touched it since December of last year. Well one good thing of having the farm was that I went there to knit. lol

Well of to rest. I felt like shit and came home from work today. Had a bug in my tummy as the kids.