Sunday, May 29, 2005

Travelling to the farm

I will have to post pictures of the farm but we drove 3 hours up and 3 hours back today to Owen Sound. The weather was awesome and not alot of traffic on the back roads. We had to unload a bunch of stuff we had at home and then came back with another truck load! lol

I brought back 4 beefsteak tomato plants - they are not looking too healthy at the moment but hope to get them into the garden tonight.

I also knitted 2 dish cloths. I used a pattern from the net (will post link later). They are done in white cotton and its called 3 crosses. Looks great. Thinking of doing some for the church bazaar later this year.

The temp hit 20 C today and the pool is sitting at 70F. Only 10 more degrees and I 'll jump in. hehe If it gets warmer (temp wise) I may just go for it.

Our new windows are suppose to come in - hopefully this week as I have three days off.

Well I should go and get some more laundry done and water the plants.

Leigh Ann

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