Monday, February 20, 2006

Girls Rules!

I believe the Queen song goes something like this! We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for loosers cause we are the THE CHAMPIONS ..... OF THE WORLD!!

Repeat of Gold for our Canadian Women's Hockey! Awesome job ladies! The country is proud of you. Congrats to Sweden and the USA and all the other teams for a great tournament. We are parting from BC all the way to Newfoundland and up to our territories. This is our game!

Now if only our Canadian Men's hockey team can get their act together and sweep the hockey for us again! Definitely NOT impress with the mens team. And they're the ones that get paid the big bucks! No disrepect to Switzerland (they played an awesome game) but to loose to them! What were they thinking? Wasn't hockey I think! We should of sent the women in to play.

All comments here are mine and no disrepect to any teams or countries is intead. Just very happy that they won. Also, thought it would of been Canada VS USA again in both divisions.

Leigh Ann

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Leigh Ann said...

I know the picture is off a guy with the flag but I like the fact that's the flag flying and its on the ice!