Monday, February 20, 2006

Scarves I've made

I made this one for a District Guiding Meeting for a door prize. I hope whoever wins it will like it. I made it from Foxy!

This scarf I made last year for my daughter Mikaela. It took two balls and I was surprised as it didn't have the yardage I thought it would. I think it was like 47 yards. Name of it escapes me. Will post it later when I find the band.


Leigh Ann

Girls Rules!

I believe the Queen song goes something like this! We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for loosers cause we are the THE CHAMPIONS ..... OF THE WORLD!!

Repeat of Gold for our Canadian Women's Hockey! Awesome job ladies! The country is proud of you. Congrats to Sweden and the USA and all the other teams for a great tournament. We are parting from BC all the way to Newfoundland and up to our territories. This is our game!

Now if only our Canadian Men's hockey team can get their act together and sweep the hockey for us again! Definitely NOT impress with the mens team. And they're the ones that get paid the big bucks! No disrepect to Switzerland (they played an awesome game) but to loose to them! What were they thinking? Wasn't hockey I think! We should of sent the women in to play.

All comments here are mine and no disrepect to any teams or countries is intead. Just very happy that they won. Also, thought it would of been Canada VS USA again in both divisions.

Leigh Ann


I won a basket of yarn from Sarnia Craft. They had their anniversary and had a draw and you could choose the prize you wanted to put your ballet in for the prize you wanted. So I went for the yarn and won! I figured its worth about 150 dollars. Here is what the basket looks like:

The tag said it was donated by Patons. Here is a view of the pattern books and yarns.

Can't wait to see what I can make.

Leigh Ann

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary to my parents

Oops! Yesterday was my parents 45th anniversary and I forgot to call. Will make it up tonight. Surprise my mom hasn't called me this weekend.

I had to drive to Seaforth today and meet my hubby. He and Matt went to the farm but the truck wouldn't start. Sooo, my fil and mil met me half way. Miki and I had a nice drive and it only took 1 hour and 10 minutes to get there. We headed back towards Bayfield and had some nice snow flurries. Really nice to see snow again. Once we hit Grand Bend it was nice and sunny again. Only in Canada do you see weather change this much. hehe

Well off to be the dutiful daughter.

Leigh Ann

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympics are On

Well its day 1 of the Olympics and Canada has its first gold! yeah!! In Mogels I believe.

Some fellow knitters are doing a Knit Olympic and I am not participating in it but will cheer them on. I have decided to finish off projects that I have been putting off for awhile. a 6 cable sweater that I started 13 years ago (give or take a few years).

I just finished a pair of slippers for Miki and they turned out cute. Also will finish a dish cloth that I started a couple of weeks ago.

To finish:

Six cable sweater
Dish cloth
Baby Sweater (not sure of this one)

I do have a bunch of cross stitches I could finish as well

Well happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I did it! Well I knew I could! But I just made a pair of slippers for Matt. I just need to add the poms poms.

Will post a picture tomorrow.

Well off to bed as 5:30 am comings to damn early!

Leigh Ann

Slipper Pattern

I got this slipper pattern from Isabella on another list that I am on. It is called Aunt maggie's Slippers. Isabella did an awesome job of hers. She made them in the Seahawk colours.