Saturday, October 20, 2007

KTS 4 is here!

I should of posted this weeks ago but I am still excited! I got an international pal this time. She is from Finland and her name is Heli. Hi Heli!! I've gone shopping and have gotten her some really neat things and I hope that she will enjoy them.

The sports are rapping up thank goodness and we can have a breather. Though the Hoops coach is starting another girls session next friday. This one ends on tuesday. We go to brownie camp on friday and I told him we wouldn't play this time around but next. I need a break. With ds in it on mon and thurs and dd tuesday and fridays (plus brownies on thurs) it kept me running.

After hubby and the kids get back from hunting (the first week of November) I will get ds into Karate. He loves it and it is two nights a week too. So I guess I have a three week respit. Yeah me!

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