Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a wonderful weekend we had

I can't believe that Mother Nature actually gave us a nice weekend! Wow! It started friday and went till today. Though we did see some snow flakes this morning they were gone by noon.

I am still knitting on my foo foo black scarf and my Celtic Cable scarf for the Project of the month group. I have quite a way to go on it.

My sons leg is coming along. Each day it gets alittle easier to get up. He still won't be back to school this week - though hubby and I would like that alot! Our daughter goes back tomorrow which reminds me I better tell her to go to bed or she will be cranky in the morning.

Oh! A neighbour of mine saw a robin either during the snow storm or the day after. I bet the little bugger was cold! lol Spring is coming and the snow is melting.

Have a great night. Keep knitting!

Leigh Ann

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