Sunday, July 06, 2008

One flower bed done

Well I got one flowre bed weeded so far today and I have 5 more to go. With two of them being nasty! With the one I just got done I planted a yellow clematis (Clematis - Helios - Tangutica). The flowers are bell shape and I think its really cute! The other plant that I planted there was Rudebeckia - Gloriosa Daisy - Becky Yellow. Its sooooo cute. It will only get to be 10-12" tall. Not like the clematis that will be 9-15' tall. So the weeding is done and I miracle growth the crap out, my hanging baskets and my pot.

My pot is looking good still. I am surprised! I also bought some other plants - in yellow and one purple too. Names are escaping me at the moment. But I will let you know later.

I am contemplating buying some mulch now and laying it down so the weeds won't come up as quickly or waiting till I have a few more beds done. But! That might take all summer. Though the rose one - I watered the crap out of part of it and the weeds came up fine and dandy. Can't wait to see them weedless. Or its going to be a "natural" garden.

Have a great day. The weather is beautiful. 25C humidex at 30C. Wish my pool was one to go swimming.


Aunt Kathy said...

I miss having a garden, but I don't miss the weeding. LOL

LDSVenus said...

I too miss having a garden, apt living isn't real condusive to having a garden. I planted a tomato plant and put it on my porch but it doesn't get enough sun (I live on the 2nd floor so can't put it outside of the porch :P) and it is stunted and not producing :(. I really do miss the weeding too, it was theraputic, when I got mad I went out and pulled weeds, when my children go into trouble, they went out and pulled the weeds ;P, helped to keep them in line because they didn't like to pull weeds, hehe. :)