Saturday, July 30, 2005

Weeding the Garden

Well I finally got the garden weeded. Got a wheel barrow full including the yellow beans. Not many beans on the plants so I decided to sacrifice them for the beets. They are coming along great.

My herbs also are doing well. I have picked them all and will be drying them tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I planted Oregano, Chives, Sweet Basil, Purple Basil, French Thyme, Rosemary, and a Globe Basil. Oh! And Dill.


Matt and Miki Kissing!

Matt and Miki with the Hershey Kiss in Niagara Falls. Hot day but we had fun.


Nasty word that is! So far I have gotten 2 loads of laundry done and my room dusted, vacuumed and bed stripped. On wards from here. lol And I thought I wouldn't accomplish anything.

Its 18C out and one load of laundry is out on the line. Working on the next after this post. Hopefully get some of the weeds taken care off too. If not today tomorrow for sure. Have to get the beans picked as that is a priority.

Dam dog is barking at something or someone.

Well the washer is calling me.


PS If I get this stuff done than I can do some knitting or cross stitching!

Haven't posted in along time

Holy cow! I haven't posted in a long time. Well my neice Olivia had her first sleep over and she did very well. Her older brother Sheldon stayed too and I think it helped. We had lasgana for supper and some snacks. This was a few weeks back. Brian, the kids and I went to Port Austin, MI for a short holiday and had a great time. Looking forward to doing this again. The other posted listed under the 29th is actually from July 12. Don't know where the month has gone but the kids are back in school in almost less than a month! hehehe

Christmas is less than 5 months away and I have no idea of what to get everyone!

Well its the Civic holiday and I picked up a couple of shifts this week. The Matt, Miki and Brian all went to the farm and will be back on Monday. (hopefully) Just Harleigh (the dog) and me. Hoping to accomplish alot but will probablly get NOTHING done. Well its getting late - time to hit the hay so I can do stuff tomorrow. See yeah! Oh yeah! The 1911 Canadian Census is online now. That so rocks!

Holidays - July 12th

July 12

Boy did I pick a week to go on holidays! Ugh!! Hotter than heck and too hot to go swimming. We went to the farm for the weekend (July 7-10) and the kids had been up there from the previous weekend. They were good for grandma and grandpa and as soon as we got there fight fight fight. I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a month. What have I done? hmmmmm... not much. Worked, alittle yard work but nothing overly done. We did paint Miki's bedroom pink and got rid of the bear border and the grey walls. Turned out nice. Now to finish getting the stuffies and suched sorted. Will have to try and figure out how to link this with other peoples and to see how I can link links. hehe That sounds funny. Well should figure something out for supper as Matt has baseball tonight. Can't believe they will play in this weather. Have I ever mentioned I hate this weather! Later!