Sunday, July 08, 2007

My long weekend trip

I'm abit late at posting this and I still haven't gotten alot done but now I have a big cold like hubby and the kids. Just want to stay in bed today. Been doing alittle knitting and reading but nothing else.

Here's what I posted last week on POTM (Project of the Month).

We got home yesterday(July2) by 12:30pm. I didn't want to wait till later
in the day because then we would be sitting on the bridge. Not a fun
thing to do! And plus we did that going over! lol It took us 1
hour to go 3 km and hit the toll both at the Blue Water Bridge (we
were in line at 11:30 am) and got across to Port Huron by 1pm. Once
we got past the tolls it was pretty much smooth sailing.

We took the tent trailer and camped at Washataki Golf Club and RV
camp ground. Our tent trailer at least didn't have a complex against
the motor homes or rv's at least. hehe Food was great, the company
was fun (my sister and her family came up to my parent's trailer).
Just alot of r & r and beer.

Question? Why is every cooler I drank made of malt? What's malt?
Where's the vodka? Where's the rum? Where's the real booze? The
kids fished and they rode grandma's bike - hubby didn't pack them
theirs like I told him too. I vegged yesterday and today I was
getting stuff unpacked and put away.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And I hope you enjoy this weekend! Boy its hot out there! Yuck!!

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