Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its been busy weeks for me!

I can't believe how fast these last few weeks have gone! With getting the kids ready for back to school and having them in. WOW!! Then there's the extra circular activities. Brownies, basketball, karate, soccer (maybe for dd), and the cross country team at school. Both kids want to go in it and the first meet is Oct 13. I think they will have fun and we need to get them out and practice. Only thing........I DO NOT RUN!!! Not interested... don't want to learn. BUT!!! For them I will maybe give it a try.

Also! I start a new job on Monday! Part-time at Staples doing a whole lot of different duties. It will keep me busy and out of trouble. I bought the kids an electric pencil sharpner and they love it! They were sharping pencils for about a half hour! hehe

Well not much else is new. Brownies registration went really well. We hae 24 girls. The meet the teacher went good today and we ordered hoodies, hats and T's for the kids. They got to have pizza and pop and then ds went off to Hoops basketball where his team won! Yeah!! At least hes' not the worst player on the team. When this is done then we will get him into karate. He loved it this summer so I will get him in it again.

Well off to bed for a busy day of cleaning house. Ohh! And doing laundry now that dh hs fixed the washing machine. How long it will last is anyones guess. Its the best twenty dollars we have spent. Saved us from spending $1000 on a new machine. Though we will be forking out money for a new hot water tank. This one is leaking and I am afraid that one of these days that it is going to go! Literally!


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