Saturday, May 06, 2006

Zellers fashion yarn

I thought Zellers sale started today for their yarn. Turns out I didn't read the date of the pull out flyer. Duh!! On thursday and friday any fashion yarn is buy 1 get one free. Well! What's a girl to do! So I was shopping and picked it up now and will go back on Thursday and have them do a refund repurchase.

I picked up:
2 balls Bernat Cotton in sage green
4 balls of Bernat Matrix in acid axis (green and light blue tonnes
6 balls of Bernat Satin in evergreen
2 balls of Bernat Satin in snow

With the Matrix I am going to make a poncho or a cool top from the Lace booklet they have. The Satin I will use for a neat sleeveless top for me. Now don't know when these will all be done but I have lots and lots of new yarns to play with. :)
May have to get more on Thursday! Oops! Did I say that out loud. lol

Hey I could of done that colour of the month thing with all the greens I got! hehe

They had alot of different colours in Boa too. Not a big Boa fan but if people are thing Christmas gifts (I know for some its too soon to think) now is a great time to stock up. That's what I am doing with some of these yarns. Can't wait to get started on everything I've boughten over the last two weeks.

Will try and post pictures later.


Mystery Tea Swapper! said...

Hi Leigh!! Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment yet, but life's been a wee bit hetic the last couple days!! Can't wait to pick out some goodies for you!!

roseygirl said...

Leigh have you made anything with the Matrix yarn before? I am making a 3 in one scarf/shawl/belt with the Matrix yarn I have and I hate knitting with it, I can't wait to be finished! The pattern I have I got from an English magazine all you do is cast on 30 stitches on size 20 mm needles and just knit 2 50 gram balls that is it, the item can be used as a shawl, or a belt with jeans or as a scarf.

roseygirl said...

I hated the matrix so much I ended up giving it to a lady in my craft group so she could knit me up some scarfs... LOL!