Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Update

Well I finally got the laundry caught up! I just have to do the rugs. Thank goodness! House got vacuumed, Sparks stuff got sorted (sort off), and I bought some more yarn.

Shhh!! Don't tell my hubby! hehe Zellers had there Bernat Soft Boucle (bag of yarn ) 300 yard for $9.97, well....what's a girl to do. I grab one and will make the poncho that is on the band.

Also, while I was there I picked up some Bernat Matrix - three had three balls, plus a pattern book with 4 patterns for $ 9.97 grabbed one of those as well! Going to do the Lacey poncho that's on the cover. Also, went back today and picked up another package plus one extra ball for the "clubbing" shirt. I think its cool or I will do the shawl on the back cover. Picked up earth shades for both though the second time I wanted to switch the yarn in the bag for some of the green on the shelf. Didn't think that was right so I didn't.

When I was at Walmart and browsing I saw a cool beach bag and thought WOW that would make a great yarn bag and the price was right too. Got it home and put the 2 sweaters I have been working on in it, with the extra yarn plus the front of Miki's sweater. Holds alot of stuff!! Quite impressed with it. And I could still use it for the beach of holidays.

Worked some more on the 3 crosses dishcloth not done yet but within the next few days. The next KAL dishcloth starts tomorrow and I can't wait. And on the 2nd I will find out who I will be sending a dishcloth too. Also, the tea exchange will be starting shortly too. Can't wait to do that one too.

Well its getting late and I have to be up early in the morning.

Have a great night!


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roseygirl said...

I got a new washing machine, so I have been using it lots and doing more washing loads than really needed LOL!~ So I haven't been knitting as much as I would like. though I did start a baby hoodied carcigan last night with Bernat baby Boucle, hopefully it won't take me too long to finish it.