Saturday, April 01, 2006

April already. WOW!

I can't believe that March has flown by. Wow! I had a busy day today. Six loads of laundry later and I still have 4 left to do. I guess I shouldn't leave it for awhile eh. lol

I did finish my moose dishcloth off. I finally found it in the front closet where I thought it was but couldn't find it. NOW I am working on my daughter's sweater and its looking pretty good. NO! I haven't finished Matt's but I wanted to get part of Miki's down. Will try and post pics later. I linked up to TissueTunicKal for a lovely lacey top. Have to find the pattern if not will order it and do with the others. Gotta get the kids sweaters done or they will have my head. Or maybe hands! hehe

Well off to work on the sweater. Don't forget to set the clocks ahead 1 hour tonight.

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