Sunday, April 23, 2006

Knitter's tea swap

Just signed up to be apart of the knitter's tea swap. This is what it all intails.

It's a one time swap.

You will mail your secret swap partner three-ish things:

1. A box/tin/container of your favorite tea. It can be hot, iced, green, black, herbal, just as long as it's your favorite!***Edited 4/21 I will try to match prefs as much as possible. Some people don't do caffeine, etc... Thanks!!****
2. A treat to accompany the tea. Cookies, candy, petit fours, etc...
3. 1-2 skeins of yarn from your stash. Must be enough for a small project or socks.

For example, you could send a 100gr skein of sock yarn or 2 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. Let's say yarn should retail around $15.00.--Plus a note about your tea and treat choices and suggestions for the yarn.

Interested? I hope so! If you want in, grab a button and then email me at purlygates -AT- gmail -DOT- com with the following info:Name:Blog Address:Mailing Address:Restrictions on type of tea? Only green, black, herbal etc? Yarn color preferences?Sock knitter? Will you take an international pal?Sign-ups end on May 1 and you must mail your package by June 1.Thanks for participating!

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