Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flashin' the Stash!

Thanks to the person for suggesting flashing your stash as I just found a whole bunch of my needles in a tote! Thank you!!! I have taken photos of some of my stash and UFO's. I think I will do like Isabelle and say I will NOT add to my stash this month. Okay now on to the photos!

Well I guess I don't need to buy any more dishcloth yarn! And that's after donating 12 balls of Christmas colours to my CWL for dishclothes for our Christmas bizzars.

Baby yarn I bought in June of 1997 (I had the receipt and it had the date on it) to make 2 sweaters for my son who was born Dec of 1997. Got far on them didn't I. Baby yarn is NOT my favourite to work with as I find it too fine.

My scarf stash yarn. Not a whole heck of lot of it left now. But I think I will make my neice a scarf out of either the purple or Rocky pink.

I bought this yarn 2-3 years ago from Country yarns. I went back a year after and was able to fine 4 more of the same dye lot and it was still on sale! Jeanne, the owner is awesome and very knowledgable. I'll have to go and visit here again soon. Not this month.

Was thinking of making a cable sweater for my son. Hmmm.. maybe a vest for me. Its Polar yarn. Nice and heavy and thick.

Not sure where I bought this. I think I may make a sweater for one of my kids out of the Patons Aran.


Tricotine said...

What a great stash you have, Leigh Ann!

Tricotine said...

I made a poncho out of that Berella Polar and I just love it! It is warm and soft! :)