Sunday, April 02, 2006


Here are some of the UFO's that I haven't completed yet.

This is the sweater I keep talking about. I started it back in 1992. I did work on it a few years ago. Ripped the sleeves out and restarted it. The second photo has the picture of what it is suppose to look like. What do you think if I did a smaller colar and not the big one that they have on it??

My purse that I have started. I may have to start over on this side as some stitches fell of and do not equal the row that my row counter says I should have.
Was going to do a purse for my neice but haven't started it yet.
This sweater was made in two days in 1996. All it needs is a button. I was making it for the baby we were going to have. I miscarried and never finished. No child will ever wear this one. Good news I did have two big and healthy babies after in 1997 and 1999. Miscarried again in 2003.

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Tricotine said...

I guess you and I need to give a "kick" to those UFOs, huh? LOL