Sunday, April 02, 2006

More UFO's and things

Here are some projects that I have finished and ends need to be tucked in.

The scarf on the left was made from 2 strands of Roxy yars, the two in the middle from Homespun and the last with 2 strands of Berella.

This was a baby afghan I started ohhhhhhh 7 years ago??? All the babies I decided to give it too are old enough to walk and talk and go to school. I am ripping it out and using the yarn for other things. Great pattern and has a cute dress that matches it.

My moose dishcloth is finished and it has a mate now!
These dish towels only need a button to sewn on. Can you tell I don't like to sew? hehe Hey I do have to find the right button too! lol

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