Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flashin' the Stash part Deux!

For some reason it didn't want to add the other photos so I am going to do it this way. I'll post the UFO's separate.

Oh the embrassment! In this tote (160L) I have shetland chunky, alot of knitted worsted and odds and ends. Just didn't have time to lay it all out. Not sure what I will make out of the 2 big bags of knitted worsted. Was think of a sweater. Hmm... it may just go back to Walmart. Impulse buying at its best.

I bought two great big balls of green yarn to do an afghan. Well I started it and realized 10 inches in that I was using the wrong needles! Ugh!! Lesson: Never take kids shopping when you are looking for knitting needles. Apparently I bought the US size and not the MM's. I have since gotten the right size but haven't started it again. Also took 2 other big balls back last year.

The blue ball is just a leftover and the yellow and green shetland chunky are new purchases this year.

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